The Law of Attraction according to Abraham in pills

הבלוג שלנו זוגיות ומשיכה מאמרים מקצועיים

"Life is made to be fun, you said," I will live and choose. I will observe and say yes to this, and this and that and I will make a picture of all the things I want and then shake like them, because those will be the things that I will be giving my full attention. The universe will respond to my vibration and at that point I will find myself on a new level where a whole other series of "yes" will be available and once again I will say yes to this, and to this another one "."

In the observation of a certain thing that arouses in us a repeated emotion that contracts force as the observation persists, our way of being co-creators is contained within this ever-expanding Universe. This is what we knew to come here in this physical dimension, before we get there and allow ourselves to be conditioned by the humanity we take possession of once born as human beings.

"You never said" I will live and fight for joy ", because from your Non-Physical perspective you know that it is vibrational impossible.You can not fight for joy.The fight and the joy are not on the same channel. joy, you laugh for success, it is only through your joy that beautiful things come. "

It is literally a counter-sense, to believe and to give a vibration to the conviction that we must live by struggling to obtain joy and obtain it. What we will receive in return will be experiences that will lead us to struggle, as it is the vibration linked to the sense of "struggle" that we communicate to the Universe through this same conviction. If we turn to joy easily, we must erase the belief that to get it we need to fight ".

"Never look" what is. "Imagine how you would like it to be, so that your vibration can match your desire.When the vibration corresponds to your desire, then everything in your experience will gravitate to respond to that vibration all the time. ".

We must try to make a game with ourselves, to get around the conscious mind used to seeing only what is in the present when observing something we do not like, the game of "doing as if", that is, trying to live as if you already had what we wanted to have and experience. Although this is in itself easy, it becomes difficult if not impossible, when we immerse ourselves in the reality we are experiencing, without reminding us that it can change, changes if we shift our attention from "what is", to "what I would like" .

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