What is the law of attraction and how to use it to find true love? Think positive = attracts positivity!

הבלוג שלנו זוגיות ומשיכה מאמרים מקצועיים

We all have at least one friend who is single from … We have not even remembered since. Or maybe we're that friend. His (your?) Problem is not a little cute, funny, smart or brilliant. The fact is that if we do not exploit the force of attraction of the universe, we will never find true love .

It is now 11 years since the release of the film The Secret , which was much discussed. For those who missed it, the docu-film by director Drew Heriot , although considered a B-series film, told the force of attraction in a very simple and direct way. What is it about? There is the so-called New Thought doctrine , which claims that conveying one's thoughts intensely towards what is desired, will cause the universe to manifest itself in all its power and bring us what we want. Ergo: think positive = attracts positivity. Discounted? Trivial? Not really, because even if most of us keep repeating "I have to be more positive", in the end then few can attract what they really want thanks to the power of attraction. The film The Secret, based on the book of the same name, contains interviews and documents that testify to the value of this universal law of attraction . Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Einstein, up to Michael Schumacher, Maradona and Lady Gaga: all of them have exploited the law of attraction and have in fact realized their desires, made great discoveries, have become famous all over the world, have given vent to the their talent and have become someone.

According to some scientists, the law of attraction (LOA) also works with thoughts of love . Thinking with intensity and sincere continuity to a happy relationship , to a loving partner, to the serenity of the couple, will make this scenario come true. In short: if we continue to think "I will never find the right man for me", that is exactly what will happen. If we carry only negative thoughts, our brain waves will send those signals outside our brain, and the universe will understand them. Do you understand how it works?

Probably many will be thinking that all this talk is a huge world lie, told us by society so that they can keep us in hand. To each their own faith, they say. There are those who believe in Jesus, some in Allah, in Buddha or those who believe in the universe and in science. To better explain the law of attraction to the most skeptical, Bolde calls it "a hocus-pocus". If you imagine it as the force of gravity, it is easier to understand it. Although gravity is not visible to our eyes, we know it exists. Science tells us that the brain emits vibrations (alias: thoughts are vibrations) and these frequencies, even if invisible to the naked eye, can be perceived. We want to discuss with scientists?

How to attract those you like to you
When we get up in the morning and start thinking that it will be a day NO, everything, but everything, gives us reason. This happens because, as Joellyn Wittenstein Schwerdlin explains in an article on The Career Success Coach , "the law of attraction responds to your negative emotions (low vibrations) bringing equally negative situations". Then? If you like someone, think they like it. Imagine that he thinks of you every day and wants you. In English it would be like this: like attracts like.

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