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I think you already know what I mean when I speak of the law of attraction, but the minuteness of our work wants to be clear for everyone. For this reason, here at the beginning of the article, I left you a brief description on which to click if you want more information.
Summary Law of attraction
Over the years we have asked ourselves about life. We have never abandoned ourselves to the idea of ​​the classic existence to which we have been programmed from birth. At the beginning of our exploration, our existences advanced for patterns established by others. At one point, full of questions like Neo in the Matrix , we decided to dive into the White Rabbit's den. We felt we wanted more, we wanted something more. The first step was towards the unknown: one of the first things we discovered was The Secret , the book that introduced us to the law we are discussing today: the law of attraction. The initial enthusiasm faded immediately. Despite some steps forward, after a while we arrived at a stall. Was the law of attraction really working?

Our path has advanced to other tracks, we have experienced and we have questioned. We have studied a lot and discovered that most of the material in circulation was not worth our time. There is very little valid, but just enough to see the first results. So we found that basically the law of attraction has much of the truth but, as it is dealt with in books and videos, it fails to explode its full potential.

Attention, law of attraction is only a name , and we have played with reality in the purest way possible, without being conditioned by that name, by that concept.

The law of attraction according to us
After many years of practice on ourselves, we decided to start the Project Excape and, as a first step, illustrate the law of attraction that we have perfected. We do not tell the absolute truth. We only want to help those, perhaps like you who are reading us, at this moment took the first steps towards a new existence. Maybe something has spurred you to say enough, work, friends, a loss, a love. You may have been advised of the law of attraction but, for some reason, you have not experienced the desired change. In this case we will try to give you a hand. We want to provide you with the tools we have achieved over the years, with our experience and our experience.

All you need to understand the law of attraction
This will be a collection of articles as short as they are effective. We will analyze the inaccurate streets of all the people who have dealt with the law of attraction. For the moment they will only be words, we are aware of it, but they will not lack real solutions that can be implemented by anyone.

This is no longer the period of false gurus and fine words in their own right.We at Project Excape think to be as concrete as possible. If you're reading these lines, you probably believe it too. It was natural that the law of attraction, after an overwhelming ascent, was set aside and relegated to fantasy or little more. The content you will find in this space will have nothing to do with many of those reworkings and sweeps that inflate today's books. If you are looking for surreal themes, dialogues with angels, aliens or entities of dubious origin, it is better if you suspend reading right away. This is not bread for those who want to self-delude themselves with "loving" phrases shaped in the hidden suffering of the soul. If you really try to improve your life, or better still, to change the idea you have of life itself, this space will be useful to you.

The articles on this theme want to be a gift. We want to give people who are stuck with words and eager for facts a new way of interpreting the law of attraction. We talked enough, now it's time for concrete action.

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